Saturday, February 5, 2011

Escape to Beauuuutiful Kauai, 1/28-30/11

On Thursday, I left on the last flight for Kauai, therefore my pictures are from 1/28-30/11.

Friday, 1/28...
Although these roosters crow with the dawn of a new day, I don't think they know that. All night long we heard them. Richard's friends rented a home and we really thought a rooster was in our living room, needless to say we did not get a peaceful night sleep.

This one is at Waimea Canyon
As we were driving up to the Canyon, we stopped at this lookout. The larger island in the background is Niihau, not sure if there is a name for the little island to the right.

This is Napali Coast from the south west side, Polihale Beach.

A beautiful way to end the day.
Saturday, 1/30...
Wailua Falls, uggh, I had my telephoto lens so I was unable to get the complete waterfall. I was happy the lighting caught this rainbow.
Kilauea Lighthouse. Due to the renovation that this lighthouse is under a screen covers its lens. Here is a link to its site.

Albatros, across the way, we noticed lots and lots of white things amongst the greenery, turns out they are all albatros.
Ever since Hurricane Iniki in 1992, the chickens are no longer pets but have become feral. We found them everywhere. This rooster is above the Hanalei Valley.

This is Napali Coast from the north west side, Ke`e Beach.

Too funny, I noticed this person apparently sketching this rooster. The rooster appeared obliging and yet seemed anxious to get this over with.
Gotta have shave ice.
Later we came across this rooster on a bicycle handle outside of McDonald's, waiting for its owner. Too funny. Thanks Richard for this pic.
Sunday, 1/30...
This morning, we woke up to rain. Not uncommon for this island. So what do I do to entertain myself. I did a fast shutter speed on this ceiling fan. I later made this pic a black and white.
You know what I did next.
We enjoyed a nice brunch at Gaylords in the Main House of the Kilohana Plantation Estate. We did not do their train tour through its 105 acres. (The home is furnished with lovely crafted wood, this one is made of koa.)
Retro, huh?
The guys attempted golf but no luck ~ the wait time was way too long, but us gals lucked out. We enjoyed visiting the National Tropical Botanical Garden in Lawa`i Valley, near the coast.

Shell ginger

We agreed this plant produces our favorite food, chocolate!
To get a good night sleep, everyone found rum works well! Life is good.


SW said...

you had great weather for seeing Kauai. Great shots of the tourist spots and of niihau. That huge wave shot on the beach is sooo cool in perspective to the people on the beach. BTW, why does that same rooster keep following you around the island?

C.Edward "Eddie" Freeman said...

CD, I enjoyed looking at your photos, it takes me to the island that I love. I am also amazed at the number of chickens that are everywhere. Again good job and keep up the blog. I enjoy following you.

celia said...

Those chickens were a hoot. I forgot to mentioned them roosters crowed all day long too. Yes Shun Wah, very lucky to have great weather and Eddie ~ I agree with you, I love that island.

Erick said...

Love all the chickens. Great lighthouse shots! Nice Kauai tourist shots, great job!