Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2 hours at the zoo, 2/13/11

For me, I feel Gibbons do not want to be photographed. I find them glaring at us or in this case the Gibbons kept swinging around. So voila.
This picture actually surprised me. I took this pic because of the black swan in the foreground with the white spot on its tail. However looking at this pic on my computer, I realized that there was another black swan in the background with the same kind of white bird next to both swans.

Yay, got this Heron in flight.
While waiting for the tigers to come around, us photographers have to shoot something.

Yes, Shun Wah, Erick and I only spent 2 hours here.


jalna said...

OMG the tiger is huuuge. Is that one of the "cubs"? Beautiful photos!

Erick said...

Hey, great shots. I like the swinging gibbon and heron in flight, so hard to photography BIF. Nice shooting!

SW said...

nice shots! I saw the heron, but I was sooo in slow mo..so glad you got it. You got great action shots and the turtle also came out soo cool..neat colors. Great FUN shooting w/you as always at the zoo..

celia said...

Jalna, I was thinking that these are the ones we saw as cubs. Erick, I still laugh when I see the gibbon - too funny. Shun Wah, I can't believe I got that heron in flight. It was fun shooting with you 2 at the zoo.