Sunday, February 20, 2011

Capturing Water and Nature, 2/17 & 18/11

This surfer is at Point Panic where our Eyes of Hawaii club met for a sunset and moon shoot.

The next day was fun shooting with Richard and Andy.
Laniakea Beach
This is my behind the scene shot. I just added this after seeing the comments regarding "did I get my camera wet?" Thanks Richard.

Click to link to Waimea Falls Park

We stopped at Giovanni's shrimp truck just in time because within 10 minutes, they closed up and drove out. Nothing was left on our garlic shrimp scampi plates, yummmmmy!

At about 9 pm, we stopped here, I think this was Kaaawa. There was no light except for the moon's light. Uggh, but no sweat for Andy. Andy was really patient with me as we took this shot. To get this shot: ISO 400, Aperture F8, Shutter Speed 25 seconds. He also painted the foreground with his flash light. Mahalo (thank you) Andy.
It was a great day!!! It was also Andy's b-day.


jalna said...

OMG that splashing surf shot looks so cool . . . like you're right there in the water!

SW said...

wow..hope you used your panasonic for the wave shot.. that was way too close! nice moon light shot, it almost looks like a day light shot..hmm..I should try that at waikiki beach next time.

celia said...

I am actually amazed how big that splash was and that I did not get wet. I was using my Canon with a wide angle. Thank goodness Andy helped with me that shot.

Erick said...

Great shots! My favorite shot is you holding your camera in the air. So, funny.