Tuesday, July 27, 2010

West Loch Shoreline Park, 7/25/10

Not sure how many have visited West Loch Shoreline Park, I was pleasantly surprised how nice it is. This park is surrounded by water as well as with these jetties.

As the sun went down, we shot pictures with long exposures.

Being that it was a full moon night, made it an even more photo opportunity.

Believe it or not these were taken after the previous ones @ 8:30 pm. With a long exposure, it appears to be day time.

Thanks Stan for arranging this photo shoot. I know the others enjoyed it as much as I did. Also thank you Henry for teaching me how to get the water to be smooth. You are very talented.


SW said...

the moonlit water shot is beautiful..one day you gotta show me how you did that..

Anonymous said...

Very nice shots, I especially like the 2nd moonlight shot with the reflection at the edge of the jetty. Very nicely done.
Also good job at "smoking" the water on the one zoom of the jetty.

Erick said...

nice shots of the park. i used to mountain bike through there, it was never that nice. nice shooting!