Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hiroshi, Aloha Tower Marketplace: Fireworks, 7/3/10

My friends joined me to watch and shoot the fireworks at Aloha Tower Marketplace. But what better way to start but by enjoying Martinis for $3.50 and Tapas for half price and at Hiroshi's
Thanks Dennis, Alan, and Ruth!
Their tapas were to die for, I think we ordered everything. FYI only this one comes on a spoon.
We saw a beautiful sunset but I missed many shots as we were trying to find the "perfect spot" to capture the fireworks.

Once the fireworks went off, I realize I was in trouble. I had the wrong lens or I should have been further back. The fireworks went all over the place and it ended in 10 minutes.

Pretty sad, huh? I missed so many shots. I sure hope I do better tomorrow.


jalna said...

Bummahs about the wrong lens. Hope you have better luck today!

Erick said...

The foods looks great. I love the Aloha Tower shots, great lighting. Looks like you had fun.

SW said...

That's a nice shot of the tower though.. too bad the firework started a little to the left.. so did it move since the later shots has the fireworks right behind the tower? At least you had a great dinner and great company..