Sunday, September 26, 2021

I am now in Los Angeles, 9/26/21

The last time, I posted was August 17, 2021. Why? 

I have been busy getting my condo on the market and getting ready to move to Los Angeles. My son, Jon and his wife, Casey were expecting their first and had asked if I could move up to be closer to them and to enjoy my grandson grow up. I am retired and I am willing to move and be close to them. 

This house has 4 units. We are on the right side. (At first, I had to find a place to live which was a bit daunting - I rather live on my own.) Luckily, about a month after Jon and I discussed me moving up, the tenants below let Jon know that they want to move to Florida. Jon talked to the Property Manager and told them that if his mom could rent downstairs that would really be so helpful. Whew, it worked,  I still get to have my own place. However, Jon gets to rent from the landlord one of my rooms for his art studio. This makes it so convenient for him.

This corridor for the 4 units. The curved door is the front door.

Look at my kitchen/eating area. I never had this much space.

I do need the step stool to reach the buttons for the dryer.

I like how my grandson's feet peek out. Here is Casey


3 photos of grandma "Popo".  Oleander Sai Ching "Ole" was born on August 19, 2021. I came on September 16.

This binky is so cute, as he sucks, the little monkey looks like he is sucking because of the movement.

Today's photo, 9/26/21

I was super fortunate that I came when I did because his show was closing on Saturday, Sept. 18. We came on Friday. I had arrived on Thursday.

His show included 10 paintings. I am so happy and proud that he sold all 10.

I was wondering why this neighborhood which I live in has such charming homes. My friend found this article - click on this link West Adams 

I try not to look too obvious as I try to take photos when walking around the neighborhood. (I am using my iPhone)

Aside from waiting for my things and my car, this move has been wonderful. I love seeing my grandson. 

Update - October 3: I forgot to add 2 of Jon's paintings. - They are #2 and #7. 


Anonymous said...

Ho da cute your grand baby!

celia said...

Thank you. Is this Randy?

jalna said...

Thanks for the update! I was wondering how you were doing. The home is beautiful, your grandson so cute and Jon's artwork amazing!! You look very happy.

celia said...

You are very welcome Jalna. Thank you for all your kind comments. Today, I am going to post again. Exploring the neighborhood.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing. Your son’s paintings are so cool. Nice neighborhood.

celia said...

You are very welcome "Unknown". Thank you. I agree the neighborhood is so nice.

Anonymous said...

Your son's artwork is Amazing!! I am a parrot owner, bird freak so I love the salmon colored cockatoo. But all of it. Oh wow, it's stunning, so is Ole. Love your 'hood too.-N

celia said...

Hi N. I realize I forgot to add 2 more photos. They are #2 and #7. I just updated it. Since you like #1, I think you will like #7.
Aww, I am glad you like Ole. This hood is so cute.