Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Exploring, meals, Ole, 9/29/21

 Not just lemonade...

Yes,  plumerias in bloom

Wall art

Got coffee?

Got beer?

Maybe things have changed

Jon and Casey have been making meals.

This one has quinoa, lentils, fennel, celery, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, dressing: miso, shoe, vinegar, sesame seed oil

Yes, Jon made the dough for the pizza. I am spoiled.

This take out is in Korea town. When I came in June 2019 another friend brought me here. I was so happy when Jon mentioned this place. It is located in a Korean market.

I enjoyed homemade Saag with Paneer and homemade Naan.

Incase you are not sure how to pronounce Ole, it is the first part of his name Oleander.

He is about to fall asleep.

As you can tell my move here has been wonderful. Today, he definitely was heavier. He is doing very well.


Phatleo said...

I like how folks put their own color in their homes!!

jalna said...

Ole grew so much in his first month!! All da food look so ono!

celia said...

Phatleo, cool right?

celia said...

Jalna, he grew 2 inches when he went for his first month check up. Yesterday, he felt heavier. He is doing well.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Such a cute baby! He is going to have a great collection of photos as he grows up.

Love your pictures of L.A. It amazes me how everything is low - one story houses, low commercial buildings, etc. except for downtown LA. Honolulu is becoming ugly with tall modern skyscrapers without a visual growth plan. Makes me sad.

celia said...

Thank you Honolulu Aunty. In our neighborhood, the building I am in and the one next to us are the only 2 story houses. LA is lucky to have more land and therefore don't need high rises. I am really happy with the move. I get to be close to my grandson and I get to start new adventures.