Thursday, October 7, 2021

Three weeks, 10/7/21

Wow, it has been 3 weeks since I moved here.

I was very happy to receive this belated birthday gift. I have always liked this oil painting of Jons. Yay, he gifted it to me. The little pieces, I have kept and made sure I brought them. I think Jon made them when he was in second grade.

Every photo is in chronological order. It will be a good memory and to see how Ole changes,
I snuck a selfie. - 9/24

Jon's pizza from scratch. Yes it was delicious. - 9/29

It warms my heart when I see Casey and Jon as loving parents. - 9/30

Homemade bread is the best!!! -10/1

This place that I live at has so many adorable details. -10/3

No longer useable, it got painted shut. But as you can see it was a little door to check who is at your door. Fancy peep hole if you ask me.

Jon's pottery -10/3

Dinner: roast chicken with gravy, quiona, long beans with hazel nut and lemon zest. Broke da mouth.

They have crows here -10/4, next photo it flew away

Pool time, don't worry Ole did not go in. I was able to use my friend's pool. -10/4

Ole loves to move, it is adorable. I think these photos were taken within seconds or minutes apart -10/5

Lunch time, homemade bread and sandwich. Thank you, Jon -10/5

The big day, my car is ready to be picked up from Long Beach. Jon of course drove me there. I was a bit skittish about driving home from there. I did it- 31 miles and exactly 1 hour - freeway all the way. -10/5

I was so happy to see my car at the Matson lot. I said good bye to it on Wed. 9/15. 

The tenant before me left this beer in the pantry. I refrigerated it so I could have it when I got home. I totally had to reward myself.

I can't get enough of my grandson - 10/6

Casey took this adorable photo of him. - 10/6

I really forgot what it was like to have a baby, he is now 7 weeks old. So I am learning with Casey and Jon. For me, it was 40 and 36 years ago.


jalna said...


celia said...

Thank you Jalna. 💗

Honolulu Aunty said...

So so cute! I now have 2 grandsons and to tell you the truth, I cannot remember my own kids at that age. I had 4 kids so my memory banks wiped themselves out because it must have been exhausting. So now we can enjoy grandmotherhood without the exhaustion, hurray!

celia said...

HI Honolulu Aunty,
I agree with your last sentence. It is fun being the grandmother. I will make sure not spoil him. I don't want to be the good cop.