Sunday, December 13, 2020

Wahiawa Botanical Garden and Sakura, 12/12/20

Our group was talking about seeing Sakura's in Wahiawa. However, it appeared that this was not a good time to see them as they were not in bloom. Gary and I really had nothing to do so we decided to go out anyway.

Gary did see a bunch in a neighborhood near the end of California Avenue. He took photos, I did not.

We then went to Wahiawa Botanical Garden. This was Gary's first.

We then went to Wahiawa Hongwanji Mission to check out the trees he saw earlier. We did had to hunt for the flowers. So glad we did, Sakura's are such beautiful delicate flowers.

Their bell was so pretty - just a snippet of it.

You can not leave Wahiawa without getting brownies from Kilani Bakery. From having nothing to do, we had a very productive afternoon.

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