Monday, December 7, 2020

Byodo-In Temple, 12/4/20

Kaneohe here we come. We first went to He`eia Kea Boat Harbor. This view includes Chinaman's Hat.

Now we are at Byodo-In Temple at the Valley of the Temples Memorial Park. This was Gary's first time.

The next 3 is about perspective. This Budha is actually small but I made it large based on how I took this photo.

Here is the actual size of this Buddha.

Gary is also trying to get a large image of this Buddha.

We had fun at this "Kane-Tsuki-Do" or bell house.

This is the "Tsuri-Dono" or Emperor's pavilion, a great place to meditate.

Now for the Byodo-In Temple. I just took snippets.

The Phoenix is a symbol of life in heavenly paradise

On the grounds was a cute gift shop but was semi closed because of this COVID-19 pandemic. There is a small opening where you can buy food for the birds and carps.

We drove further up to capture this view with the clouds. It is so pretty.

These egrets love when the grass gets cut because this lawn mower brings up critters that they like. There were at least 10 egrets.

Did we have fun? Yes!!!


jag21330 said...

Great photos Celia. I'm glad the rains let up for us to visit the temple.

celia said...

Thank you Gary. I am also glad about that.