Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Hamakua Marsh, 12/8/20

There were actually a lot of ducks, moor hens, stilts. roosters, hens, roosters and at least 3 herons.

However, Derek, Gary and myself had to wait for action and then I was not ready when it happened. This first photo is what we saw - ducks just there - I like that the water was clear enough to see their orange feet. I did not think you wanted to see a lot of ducks just hanging around.

Ever so often, they got into it.

This heron was flying back with twigs for its nest.

Decided to see if I could find more action. Gary had noticed the bees, going into these flowers.

Later, we went to Koko Crater Botanical. I wanted to see the 10 petal plumeria. There were some but they were not intact - getting ready for winter.  Again, I was not having the best time with photos. Lol, this was my best. 

 Although I was not successful, it is always fun getting together. Thanks Derek and Gary.

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