Sunday, March 3, 2019

Koko Head Botanical, The Zoo, KCC: 2/23-24 and 3/3/19

I am very fortunate to keep busy but maybe too busy.  Therefore, I am doing catch up - lol 3 days.
Only Koko Head Botanical Garden was with the photo club.

Koko Head Botanical Garden:
Eyes of Hawaii Photography club appreciated our tour with Botanist Naomi Hoffman. She gave a lot of info however us photo enthusiasts did not take any notes.

Not many plumerias - this is the time the plant is preserving water.

This one is the "Jack in the Box" named for its shape.

This maybe another plant

Naupaka Kahakai - notice it has petals on the bottom. There is a legend that Pele's sister Naupaka fell in love with Kaui but Pele was not happy. Naupaka ripped a flower she had in her hair and gave the top half to Kaui who was banished to the mountains. His flower is named Naupaka Kuaihiwi and yes it has petals on the top.

A  type of papaya

A memorial was placed today in honor of the late Nathan Wong who just passed days ago. Naomi has fond memories and learned so much from him.

Our state flower is the yellow Hibiscus. Not any yellow hibiscus - this is the one however it is not in bloom

I did not know how huge this place is, Naomi said we only learned 1/10 the plants - our fault for taking our time and making photos.

 The Zoo:

KCC - Kapiolani Community College

As you can see, this is a wonderful hobby.


jalna said...

Hey, I missed seeing these. Lots of great photos!!!

celia said...

Thank you Jalna. I personally like the ones at KCC with the cacti.

SW said...

oh I totally forgot to check for pictures from the Koko Head Botanical Garden shoot. That's a great turn out and you got some cool plants I've never seen before! That is some busy shooting schedule and I'm amazed you can always find something new to shoot.

celia said...

Thanks for checking this blog. It was a good size group and we did not realize how large this place is. The zoo is a challenge because the animals don’t always come out.