Saturday, September 9, 2017

Zoo, 9/9/17

Off to Starbucks with Derek, Milton S., and Walter - then to the Zoo by 9. 

I hear my friends calling out - "it is raining" but I thought the rain was fun to capture.

Who are they? They were having fun and allowed me to take their photos. I asked if I could give them these but they said, no need.


The tiger was just pacing.
I overheard a man talking to a lady about photo tips and I thought maybe they were Patrick and Gayle who we were suppose to meet earlier by the ducks (just a little miscommunication). If you know me, I can be an introvert but I also can be an extrovert - so I asked if they were Patrick and Gayle. Yes!!!

Thanks Derek for helping me with this.

These two were a bit affectionate.

These warthogs say it all, it was hot - many of the animals were lethargic and hiding. I joke about being related to them and that I was hoping for a family reunion. But they did not greet me - too hot. My other favorite animals are the orangutans - but Rusty was hiding under something white and Violet was sleeping by the glass.

We gobbled up lunch at the Kim Chee in Kaimuki.