Saturday, September 23, 2017

Fireworks, 9/22/17 (only the first 2 are the same)

What a fun time we had! Derek, Walter, Karen, Dylan, Curtis, Jennifer, Dewey, Angie and I met early to find parking and nab a spot to take photos of the fireworks. Us women bonded while the men went to photograph the sunset.

Did a couple of photos prior to fireworks.

Joan our angel, came with our preordered bentos and we had ourselves a picnic. We do wish she could have stayed but Glenn could not find a space.

I also got first hand the difference between a full frame camera and a APS -C camera. Derek was looking at my live view and realized why I could not capture more - width not distance.

Today, 10/1/17, Dewey was kind and met me at Burger King - I learned a lot but my laptop ran out of juice. I converted my RAW files into JPEG ahead of time and therefore was able to use Elements 6.

On my own - as you can see, I need more practice with adding more water.

Thanks again Dewey for your time and patience. I marvel how you are able to see the possibilities.


jalna said...

Very nice! Love the reflection shot!

celia said...

Thanks Jalna. My friends are finding ways to straighten the ground. This weekend I will do it. I enjoyed seeing the reflection especially since there was movement in the water.