Saturday, September 19, 2015

Okinawan Festival, 9/5-6/15

Yay, Labor Day weekend means Okinawan Festival. This is their 33rd one.

Sometimes, I single out a dancer - it was her shadow that caught my eye.

I am glad she did not jump any higher, she would have been out of my camera's frame.

My "press pass tag" allowed me to go on stage. Cliff Kimura was instrumental in involving Eyes of Hawaii (EOH) to photograph with passes. We gave our photos to Shari Tamashiro.

The gentleman across the way with the glasses is their instructor.

Each group put out their 200% and it was so much fun to see them.

Hokulani has her own Facebook page. We all wish we could have a fan blowing on us. It was super hot and humid.

Before the bon dance - this little one was such a trooper, you will see another photo of him.

I hope Diamond Head gave you a hint where the venue was - which was at Kapiolani Park.

Back for more. I came again on Sunday. Erick and I have not photographed together for such a long time - thanks Erick for picking me up both days.

This dog/dragon was so entertaining, I enjoyed his skit.

This was just a sampling of the entertainment. Erick and I came in the afternoon; some of my EOH friends were there all day. Due to the heat, they were exhausted to say the least.


jalna said...

Veeery nice shooting!! Thanks for sharing! Spares me the heat.

SW said...

Lucky you got to get closeup to the performers! After seeing your shots, it's too bad i missed the event this year.. Nice shots!

celia said...

Jalna, yes the heat was nuts. I added one more sentence at the end regarding those that stayed all day "Due to the heat, they were exhausted to say the least" Thanks for your compliment - you would have gotten awesome shots.

Shun Wah, let us go together next year. Each year the crowd gets bigger and (the entertainment is terrific - lots of them came from Okinawa - the real deal!!!) Thanks for your compliment.