Monday, August 17, 2015

Practice 8/7/15, Nagaoka Fireworks, 8/15/15

I came to Magic Island on Friday, 8/7/15 to practice photographing fireworks. Each Friday for about 10 minutes fireworks are displayed by the Rainbow Tower of the Hilton Hawaiian Village. I knew I needed practice.

Couple of pix before the fireworks.

I tried different settings, I really wanted detail so I chose a very small aperture, ISO 100, and bulb setting.

Nagaoka Fireworks, 8/15/15
These fireworks are really incredible. Our Eyes of Hawaii member Jennifer Chung, with the National Park Service made arrangements to have us photograph the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of peace with Japan from Arizona Memorial Park visitor center. Our photos will be given to Pearl Harbor for their use.

Prior to the event at 8:00 pm.. we set up our gear at 4:30 and position our cameras. We were told that the fireworks will be seen above the trees furtherest right. The coordinators also wanted us to include the Mighty Mo and the Arizona Memorial. So far so good.

Oops, turns out it was even more to the right by the bridges. 

Reposition my camera.

The rest were taken from that vantage point but were cropped to show more of the fireworks.

It was fun and exciting. Thanks to Jennifer Chung, Casey Sctott, Ric Noyle with photo tips and the fun gang of Eyes of Hawaii.
Lol, the next day I was pooped.


Anonymous said...

Wow they're so gorgeous,much better than when seen on t.v. cuz you can see they're more like flowers, all various colored. I realize there is much learned to do your kind of quality of pictures and it takes time and money for the right equipment. I think I rather look at the photos instead. Thank you so much for sharing.N

celia said...

Hi N,

Although, I have taken photos of fireworks before, I wanted to make sure I could do a decent job. Went out on my own, looked at YouTube videos. I was surprised that even season photographers are challenged by fireworks as they had to change their settings. The cool thing is no photograph looks the same because of when we take the photo - the fireworks are going up at random times.
I am glad you enjoyed these photos.