Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Zoo, 6/10/13

Three lion cubs were born on December 15, 2012. On April 6, the cubs made their official public debut and their names were announced. 

Mayor Kirk Caldwell had a student contest for Hawaiian names along with a Haiku. These are their names - hee, hee not sure which one is which: Kekoa- brave and courageous, Alohi- to shine or sparkle, Iolana- to soar

Linda, I read your comment - What about the porcupine? There were 2 porcupines.  Hee hee - they were not cooperative - so I just got this one.

Fennec fox
I am really happy with this pix - I learned in photography class how to take a picture eliminating the fence. Thanks Ed Yee.
Marabou Stork
(most of the bird pix - I eliminated the fence)
Red-and-Yellow Barbet
In the bird section they are free to fly around - I waited at its designated cage - only to find it some wheres else. Linda had taken this one before and I really wanted to get a pix.
Hooded Vulture

Linda - that was fun - so glad we went when the animals were awake. I don't blame the animals from hiding/sleeping during the summer's heat.

Linda - thanks also for cropping pointers and for Chinese cooking classes. 


jalna said...

Nice photos Celia. I like the spider web!

LGS said...

Hey... where's the porcupine?

celia said...

Jalna, thanks - it is fun trying to get a spider web. Gotta get the focus on the web - so easy to loose the focus.

Linda, I forgot about the cute porcupine. Now I posted it.

SW said...

i swear the cubs got lots bigger then I saw them just a few weeks ago. Yeah, i've never seen the porcupine and I've never seen the serval awake so i thought he must be a nocturnal animal.. great collection of pics.

celia said...

Shun Wah, I just checked your blog. You went to the zoo on April 21. Hee hee - that was more than a few weeks ago. You are correct the cubs did get a lot bigger. Glad you enjoyed the pics.