Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Linda's Bday, 6/4/13

Bobby got side tracked. This gate was across from the Contemporary Art Museum.
Now that was more like it. We had a delicious lunch at the Museum.
Linda had Jaboticaba Sorbetto for dessert. I should have been more adventurous. I had Vanilla Bean Gelato.
 Bobbie and Boo could not resist this horse.
 Bobby and Boo had way too much fun. (Thanks Linda for this picture.)
For dinner, we made Chinese Melon Soup with dried lily flowers, dried shiitake mushrooms, and dried dates...
and Bitter Melon with Black Bean Sauce and funn (Chinese flat noodles).
In the morning, we had gone to Chinatown for the ingredients.
What a birthday, that same night in Waikiki - we went to see fireworks sponsored by a cosmetic company.

Linda said that she could not have asked for "a better birthday."


Marcia F. said...

I love the pics with Bobby and Boo...especially the eating ones and the one they are sliding down the hill. Very creative! Your fireworks shots are very colorful!

celia said...

Marcia, thanks - much kudos to Linda for including Bobby and Boo - she is very creative.

In Lightroom I used clarity to bring out the colors. I also reduced highlights. I don't use vibrance or saturate.