Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pow Wow Hawaii, 2/17/13

Artists from around the world are in Honolulu to share their art by painting these murals. This event is known as Pow Wow Hawaii and this year it ran from February 9-16, 2013. Here is a link to  808 Urban  and to Pow Wow Hawaii.
On Friday, I went by - however the weather was not good. I decided to visit this area on Sunday. Luckily I got to see some artists.

This artist is from San Jose. This is only a portion of his work.
The artist Robin Fifita, on the right came by with her friend. I wish I could have also seen the lead artist, Solomon Enos.
I think this second picture really shows the perspective of this mural.

I asked the artist Quest to tell me about his painting. "This mural is dedicated to our late brother Krush TWS. We're sending him some love (spray paint)".

I included his friend Dzine's painting. (my apology if I got the artists juxtapose.)

I thought this mural was creative in spelling, King David Kalakaua
I wish I knew more about all these murals. This one shows sad clocks.

A closer view.

The 2 faces meet at a corner. This picture does not do justice - it looks like one long wall.

Just as I was leaving, I saw this one - it was amazing how they can paint on the roll up door.

Here is another site The Participants. You can filter by country, type and year. I thought I would compare the first year to the current year. 2010: 7 participants, 2013: 39 participants. These are the countries listed which covers the span of the 4 years: Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Hawaii, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, and USA.

I am not sure if all the pictures I have here are 2013. I just went crazy seeing so many with such detail work. As you might guess these are just a sampling.  Thank you so much Pow Wow Hawaii for beautifying our Honolulu, specifically Kakaako.


Marcia F. said...

Way awesome!!!!! Thanks for sharing. I would've never know about this!

jalna said...

Wow Celia. I gotta go check it out too!

celia said...

Marcia, it is awesome! How do artists think in such large scales? Amazing!!!

Jalna, I already know you will enjoy these murals. Can't wait to see your blog about Pow Wow!

Erick said...

Cool, great graffiti shoots. I gonna go check it out.

celia said...

Erick, the art is very cool. I actually want to do another blog about the other pictures I made.