Thursday, May 5, 2011

Brown Bags to Stardom, 4/23/11

I am not sure why this event is called Brown Bags however high schoolers are given an opportunity to share their talents and lots of well known entertainers got their start this way. To name a few: Na Leo Pilimehana, Kapena, Tia Carrera, Jasmine Trias, Jake Shimabukiro.  

Thank you Johnny Kai for this talent search.  
Greg Gabaylo is his right hand man.  I recently featured these 2 in my post: Hawaii Music Award, 4/11/10

This little one was not a participant however he has a bright future, he enjoyed break dancing during the transition between the middle school and high schoolers.  I was unable to attend the elementary section and came while the middle schoolers were receiving their awards.  It would have been a joy to see them.


jalna said...

Great coverage! Love Johnny's tie!

C.Edward "Eddie" Freeman said...

CD, you caught some great actions shots as well as some good expressions, way to go .......keep on shooting