Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunrise - 4/2/11 and Sunset - 4/3/11

This weekend, it was fun taking pictures of both sunrise and sunset with photo group "I Wanna Shoot So Badly".  I finally downloaded a free version of Ephemeris TPE which their leader Stan Y. uses.

We met at Makapuu Beach on Saturday, 4/2 for the Sunrise: 6:23 am
I bet you are wondering how I got this cool effect.  I borrowed Minh's filter: wide band fader ND (W). With this filter, you rotate it allowing more or less light. Little did Richard know he would get this effect which also surprised Minh.  He had never seen this before.  I had to try it out, yay it also worked for me.
 On Sunday, 4/3 we met at Spitting Cave in Portlock for the Sunset: 6:46 pm
Henry, you are fearless!

That is Diamond Head in the background.
We ended this weekend at Zippy's for dessert and had fun sharing our pix both from our cameras and from our iTouch or other devices.


jalna said...

Beautiful shots! Neat name for a photo club . . . says exactly how I feel.

Erick said...

Nice sunset shot! That filter is so cool.

celia said...

Jalna, guess what, the club is actually trying to figure a new name, they felt that one was temporary.

Erick, I found out Minh got it from eBay, I notice that 82mm is hard to find.

Glad you like these shots.

C.Edward "Eddie" Freeman said...

great sunrise CD, I really like the effect of the filter. You used it in a ideal shot. The club should keep the name.

celia said...

Eddie, yay - this makes it even more worth getting up early - according to the Ephemeris TP, there was a 5:40 am - moon rise, so we got there before the sunrise, however none of saw it. Luckily the sky was pretty clear for the sunrise. smiles, CD

SW said...

Very nice! love the effects from that filter. Great you got to experience both sunrise and sunset shooting in such a short time.