Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sony NEX-3 and Moon shoot, 4/17-18/11

These panoramas were created in the camera.  Yay no photomerge via software programs. Another cool thing is that I am able to just click away.  Most cameras that have panoramas create an outline of your image which you have to line up to take the next section which you have to do again and again.  Uggh.  

I am happy when I saw that Gary was selling his Sony NEX on the Eyes of Hawaii website. This camera is a small DSLR with interchangeable lens.  My biggest interest was the panorama feature.
FYI, the Hawaii Theater is not curved.  I was trying to get the whole theater however the parked cars made it difficult for me to pan.
This is the school that I work at.  I really like the mural someone did for us.

Eyes of Hawaii had a sunset and moon shoot from Kawaikui Beach Park on April 18.  This was a difficult shoot.  At the end as I was leaving, I found that having the palm trees in the foreground made for a more interesting shot.  EJ and I were the last of the Mohicans.

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jalna said...

Niiice panoramas!