Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kamehame Ridge, 2/20/10

Anyone who knows me knows I don't like to hike. However, the hike that the Hawaii Photographic Society (HPS) went on was just perfect. Kamehame Ridge is in Hawaii Kai and the view really was wonderful.

These bikers are tough, kind of steep, huh?

I thought this water tank was a classic.
Using my wide angle lens:

Nature was extremely cooperative on this day. My 70-200 mm zoom lens combined with my 15 mp camera got these shots for me.

This hike gave me opportunities to use all my lens - here is a macro shot.
As we were leaving, we saw vehicles with hang gliding equipment. So what do we do...we go back. I was a bit chicken to go back up to the look out platform, so I'm happy to have gotten these shots from down below.

Uggh, I think I am addicted to taking pictures. While enjoying a nice lunch with our group at the Blue Water Grill, I could not resist taking this picture.
Hope you get a chance to go to Kamehame Ridge.


SW said...

Look like it was a fun shoot! I really like the b&w looks like some historical shot. Lucky you also got those hang gliders too...can't wait to see everyone's shots at a future HPS meeting.

jalna said...

Beautiful photos Celia. Is the hike easy?

garykn said...

Celia Nice shooting. Looks beautiful up there. Maybe one day I'll try hiking up there. Was it an easy hike? After all I'm not getting any younger.

celia said...

It really is an easy hike - just need to walk on a paved road. When you get to the cell phone tower - make a right and there is a short, unpaved path to walk up to the hang glider launch area. The ridge is wide enough to feel comfortable.

We can arrange to go together, anyone interested?

pcsty said...

Nice pictures, I like the 1st shot of the cyclists best also the butterfly shot is good.

Randism said...

great pictures! great weather for a hike and taking pictures!

Rocky said...

Your great photos of Kamehame Ridge bring back some fond memories, Celia. The ridge was part of our training for the marathon. Your colours are so vibrant.