Wednesday, March 17, 2010

16th Annual Honolulu Festival, 3/14/10

This festival has grown each year - now with 4 venues of entertainment: Hawaii Convention Center, Ala Moana Center, Waikiki Beach Walk, and Waikiki Shopping Center - from March 13-14. It concludes with a parade down Waikiki.

Shun Wah and I went to the Hawaii Convention Center from 12:30 -3:00 on March 14.

Wow! It was actually hard to choose pictures to show the excitement and talent of these performers.

Sugaren - Yosakoi

Descendance -Aborigine Dance

Chomploo Aya - Ryukyu Karate Dance

Ryukyu Koten Afuso-ryu Ongaku Kenkyuu Choichi Kai - Classical music

It was a halau (hula group), but I just chose this dancer.
So what are these photographers shooting?
Enjoy the Honolulu Festival with Momoi - Idol

She was so cute and it was so much fun to see her fans participating. The audience also got glow sticks.

As we were leaving, we saw a display of the previous 15 festivals. I was happy to see this.


jalna said...

Veeery nice. I love the colors!

celia said...

I think the second picture in the "classical music" group is the guy who we see at the Bon Dances. The dance they were doing was similar to the Bon Dances.

Hiromi said...

Nice capture! You got my favorite bon dancer Dazz Toguchi.

SW said...

nice shots.. it was great fun.. good thing you brought your wide angle camera to catch the crazy audience at the final performance!

Erick said...

Great shots, good emotion on their faces. Nice shooting!