Monday, February 15, 2010

Night in Chinatown Parade, 2/6/10

What is Chinese New Year without a parade. This parade went through Hotel Street (Downtown to Chinatown) - it was well attended.
Double click on this pictures and check out the reflection in the tuba.

This character is similar to a jester.

This lady is making dumplings in this little room. So Chinese.


pcsty said...

It's hard to shoot parades but these came out nice.

jalna said...

Wow, nice! You're so tiny, it must be challenging for you in crowds, but you did a great job.

SW said...

Great shots of the parade...I think I missed out some of them...You found a great spot to get these shots!

celia said...

Stan, Jalna and Shun Wah,
I was worried that others would be in my way - being height challenged. I was at the corner of Hotel and Nuuanu and saw steps leading up to a building between Nuuanu and Bethel along Hotel St. It is across a small park adjacent to the Hawaii Theater. Whew that gave me a better vantage point.