Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hilton Hawaiian Village, 12/12/09

As much as I like my Canon 50D, I decided only to bring my Panasonic ZS3 "point and shoot" which has a leica lens and I can do some adjustments. Milton S. and Steve met me at Hilton Hawaiian Village. I am really liking this place.

I did Photoshop the color for the effect.

This turtle remained in this position for a long time almost as if saying - I'm better than you
Who me?
I feel the smallness of the Panasonic camera gives me more flexibility to angle the camera and to allow for more creativity.

Walking to the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center's food court, we took the scenic route - the beach front. It was cool to look up and see this.
The 12x zoom helped with picture.
I'm not sure what tree this is but the fruit looks like a pineapple. If anyone knows please leave me a comment.
At the Sheraton Waikiki - is this the life or what?
Would you believe we spent 6 great hours shooting and just enjoying being a "tourist" Thanks Milton and Steve, that was fun!!!


Randism said...

cool pictures; like i said, the small point and shoots are getting better and better; looking forward to seeing more shots from your panasonic; oh! i almost forgot: how about posting your cool picture with the lantern? i really like that shot!

celia said...

Thanks Rand, I think you meant the Christmas decoration which I took last year at Honolulu Hale. Guess what, I got to it and posted it under "Creative Special Effects" Pretty quick, huh?

SW said...

Really like the perspective you got w/ the building and the palm tree. Nice shot..hope this doesn't mean you'll start shooting only w/ your lumix..