Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hula at the Waikiki Shell, 10/11/09

From my friend SW's blog she mentioned: Pi’o Anuenue, the Rainbow Connection, made up of several Hula halaus including some from Tokyo held a free hula and Tahitian dance concert featuring over 100 dancers. It started around 4pm and didn't end till after 8pm! It actually featured a graduation of 5 of the members of the troupe.

Aaargh, this is such a delayed post. I had a hard time choosing pictures. I tend to single out a dancer because with group shots, it is hard to have everyone in sync. Therefore lots of groups were not included.

I am not sure what type of hula this is but it was nice to see this variety.

The little ones were way cute and talented.

I think the Tahitian dancers had so much fun!

My token group shot.


SW said...

Cool, you got some shots of dances I didn't even see. Nice group shot. It was a really tough shoot after it got dark.

rand said...

nice shots; your lens is 2.8?

Erick said...

Very nice hula shots. I really like the red skirts against the black background, very stunning. Good shooting!

jalna said...

Great job Celia!!