Sunday, August 16, 2009

Zoo, 8/15/09

Thanks to Hawaii Photographic Society (HPS) for making arrangements to shoot at 8:00 a.m. 

Amy and I went straight to the tiger, this male tiger didn't give us much of an opportunity to take pictures of him.  He kept coming out of his area and then turning around and going back in.
I thought it was neat to see this pelican following this little bird.
I admire the beauty of this bird and took a bunch of pictures.  A nice gentleman came by and informed me that she is sitting on her eggs.  I thought OMG, no wonder she just stayed there and looked around.
I was fortunate that before long she stood up to check on her eggs.
Only to get back to keeping her eggs warm.I really wanted to take pictures of the toucan.  I didn't want the cage to show but the openings were small.  This made it very difficult to get the focal point to go in between the bars and onto the toucan. Perhaps the toucan was camera shy, it kept flying about.  So these are my 2 best shots.

I am always intrigued by the zebra's stripes.  These 2 pictures show how its stripes continue into its mane.  Cool, huh?


Erick said...

Cool animal shots! I really like the bird with the egg. Great shots.

SW said...

So cool!! you got the bird (wonder what's the name) and her egg! Those were really sharp shots. A great photo op!

jalna said...

Wow, that crowned bird with her egg is just too neat!

celia said...

I found out this bird is a crown stork and double checked with a google image search. Boy talking about being there at the right time.