Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Koganji Temple Obon Festival- in Manoa, 8/1/09

I enjoyed another bon dance. 

The following is an excerpt:
The Obon tradition was brought to Hawaii by Japanese immigrants and evolved into a social and cultural event, as well as a religious custom designed to honor ancestors through an evening of dance, music and merry-making. 

To the right, Manoa Koganji Temple
This display of respect is what the people in the picture above are looking at.
The attendance was terrific, by 7 pm the designated area for dancing was filled.

Food was plentiful.

I ran into many people I knew, here is my previous co-worker and her daughter.
Erick and I wondered where Amy went, here she (in the black dress) is dancing. Later I joined Amy.

Lanterns are symbolic of lighting the way for the spirits.
We were entertained by Taiko "big drum" drummers.
Look at the enthusiasm of the drummers.


Erick said...

Nice bon dance shots! You did a good job of documenting the event. That wide angle shot of the taiko drummers and the lanterns is fantastic! Its like you captured all the lantern and drummers in one shot. I like the offset yagura and the big drum in the foreground. Great shot, great shooting!

jalna said...

Hey Celia, go submit your lantern shot to National Geographic's Your Shot! It's awesome!

SW said...

I really liked your wide angle shots of the Taiko performance..terrific shot. I also liked the b&w shot.. looked like a really fun event. Great shooting.

celia said...

Jalna, really? Wow, that is such a compliment. I think I better take that chance.

Erick and SW, I lucked out, I got to sit in the front row for the Taiko performance. Another person I knew - her daughter was a drummer - she was kind to let me sit with them. Thanks for your feedbacks.

My b&w looked better than in color. Thanks SW.