Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Scottish Festival, 4/4/09

My friends and I headed to watch the dance contest.  They were very good.

Guess what, I had to photoshop out a corner of a table.  It was very challenging to take pictures. The tent was small and a table was in most of the pictures.  

If this isn't ecstasy? 

Now you know why.   Distance matters.

I think she exemplifies how difficult it is to do the Hammer Throw.

Could this be hard or what?  This contest involves tossing the Caber (a large log).  According to my friend's blog,  the best toss is when the log lands at a 12 o'clock position to you.

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SW said...

Looks like it was a fun shoot. Cool shot of the guy tossing the log.. Nice angles on the hammer toss shots. Your blog is looking good!