Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kawaii Kon, 4/11/09 #2

Oops, please check out Kawaii Kon 4/11/09 #1 first.  Then this will make sense.

Can you guess who won the costume contest?  Their costumes were amazing, no scrimping on detail and "kawaii"!

After the contest, it was fun taking more pictures.  This is the fifth Kawaii Kon and my first,  I think I will be planning to attend next year's.  It will be held during Easter weekend.


SW said...

The transformer costumes are really amazing. They must've spent so much time on it. That grumpy character (hope that's how she's supposed to look) is great! Looks like more fun than Halloween..Great shooting!

Erick said...

Good flash work again. Very nice shots, looks like you had fun. Great job!