Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kawaii Kon, 4/11/09 #1

"Kawaii Kon" - Hmmm, translation? 

"Kawaii (kah-wai-EE) adj. - From the Japanese, meaning "cute" or "adorable", usually attributed to things that deserve the term, like perhaps a bunch of baby chicks or small children. Some Japanese women in particular have a verbal spin on the word, as they sometimes say it in a high-pitched voice." taken from

Kon - short for convention/conference, this event is  for those who  want to "cosplay" dress in costume either from Anime, Star Wars, or any costumes.  

Some action?


SW said...

So many costumes..and such hams! Looks like you had a really fun shoot. Great capture of the action and expressions.

Erick said...

Great shots, so cute. Kawaii! Your flash work looks much better too. Great shooting!