Sunday, June 20, 2021

Waimea Valley, 6/20/21

Yippee, today is Ohana (family) day meaning entry fee is 1/2 off. Us Seniors love paying only $4.00. I was the designated driver for Derek and Wes. Walter and Bob met us.

A Sharma landed on my bag, and yes it left a little dropping. 

This photo was taken with a Canon PowerShot SD 2000 Elph. This is 2004-2005 camera is 3.2 Mega Pixels which only is 749 KB - a very small file.  Wow, I am glad cameras have improved . The LCD screen is only 1.5" x 1" so this was a challenge to review the photo.The good thing is that it is a small camera however I agree with Walter, the iPhone 12 is better. Walter actually offered this camera to whomever wanted it.

As we were leaving,  I did stop for these ducks to cross the road. The mother did wait before crossing.

Again, it was fun getting out. I think others had the same idea, it was pretty crowded. But main thing we had fun.

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