Sunday, June 20, 2021

Thank you breakfast at Waioli Tea Room, 6/19/21

I treated 2020 -2021 Kamehameha Lions Club Board members to breakfast. It is a tradition for the President to thank its Board. I thank Karen for suggesting this place. I am glad we met for breakfast, something different.

For $25.00 per person, I was able to get this room from 8 -1. We had a coffee and tea station. 

The first 3 photos were taken on another day, I got the interior of the room through the window with my iPhone pressed against the window to eliminate the glare.

First dish, assorted scones for the 7 of us

Next, combination plate with Egg and Cheese Croissant Sandwich, BLTA Sandwich with House Salad

Last, Haupia Bread Pudding dessert 

First activity, assembling this

I set out glass bowls around the second table and handed them this bag. They later got the red tea light.

I later handed them this card.

Donna was super happy. She was the winner of "Right, Center, Left".  I did not want to use money so I used chips and gave a prize. What did she get? She got a beautiful coloring book, "Bloom Where You Are Planted", 24 color pencils, a cute can for her color pencils and pineapple topped pen. She scored, right?

I made reservations for 9, 4 couldn't make it. Two let me know they could not come that morning. Here are our happy 7. We were all on one table and boy did we "raise the roof" with our laughter.

I actually had a lot of help from my friends. Ben provided the river rocks, Dee Dee provided the white rocks and red tea lights, Evelyn suggested I explain what the bowl was about. Susana provided the game prize. I am super happy with how this came out.

Now, I just have one more thing to do, which is to have the General meeting via Zoom on Tuesday, June 22. (I actually wanted to make the reservations for June 26, however it was taken.)

I wish our next President, Reena, a wonderful year.

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