Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Zoo, 3/24/21

Due to the Pandemic, our photo club, Eyes of Hawaii members have not had an excursion for over a year and we continue to meet via Zoom. Thankfully we are in Tier 3 allowing gatherings for 10. This was a well attended excursion to the Zoo and we knew not to stick together as one group - I think there were 18 of us.

This parrot is there, but almost camouflaged.

I took this photo on Dec. 22, 2020. My son, an oil painter, likes this. He asked if I go again could I get different angles

I did not realize the bird was this one.

From June 14, 2020

We had 2 new members and I showed them how to take photos of birds without showing their cages. They were such quick learners. I got to see their photos looking at the previews.

Barefoot Beach Cafe was a fun place to enjoy a meal together after this outing. Lol, this is a must.


jag21330 said...

Excellent photos of the birds. I like the elephant trunk and the Hawk headed Parrot. Where's the warthogs?

celia said...

Thank you. The warthogs were no where to be seen, I so sad.