Friday, March 26, 2021

iMovies for Eyes of Hawaii, 3/26/21

I have been with Eyes of Hawaii since the end of December 2007. They are a group of friendly photographers. Each month there is a theme and we take turns receiving 5 photos at the most from our participants. For myself, I use iMovie.

Here are some of them

October 28, 2019

Up A Tree

October 26, 2020  

Macro Photography

February 22, 2021-

The World Around Us Today


jalna said...

Awesome photos! I enjoyed watching. Thanks for sharing.

celia said...

This group has such cool photos. I am glad I can help Eyes of Hawaii. You are very welcome.

jag21330 said...

Refreshing and interesting seeing how everyone interprets the monthly theme. Such a wide variety of photos which makes viewing enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.

celia said...

I agree. You are very welcome. The hardest thing with creating the videos is finding songs without lyrics.