Sunday, January 17, 2021

Shark's Cove, 1/17/21

Today is Ohana Sunday at Waimea Valley Park - Botanical Garden, which entrance fee is 1/2 off. Since the weather was iffy, I chose to meet at Derek's and follow him incase there were any road blocks along the way, we could change plans. We got there safely but I was not willing to pay the cheap price of $4.00 to go in since the weather was not good for cameras.

We are now at Shark's Cove next to Fire Station 11 Sunset Beach. The waves were definitely fierce. There were surfers waiting on their boards as you can see in this first photo.

Despite the caution sign, these tourists (there were 3) ignored it. The fire station had to make an announcement  to heed the caution tape and come back for his safety the guy on the rocks. When we were leaving, we saw a family with 2 young children also trespass.

I have always wanted to got to 3Kai Clothing Company at 834 Kilani in Wahiawa. Kainalu Kamai, one of my photo friends with Eyes of Hawaii has this store that he and his mother opened. The cute boba drink sticker is his design. The little pouch is perfect for my needs.

I enjoyed today, despite the inclement weather.


jalna said...

Nice captures! Love your purchases.

celia said...

Thank you Jalna. The waters were intense!!! Cute, yah? Kainalu on Facebook thanked me and said there are working on more things.