Monday, May 18, 2020

Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail, 5/17/20

I met up with Derek and Lorraine around 9:30. I took a chance and went to the parking lot although it was full. I was very fortunate that 2 cars were leaving. The car in front of me got the first one. We took the Makapu'u trail.

The black thing sticking up, I think is what we call Pele's chair.

 A few flowers...

Even if it is a weed

 We think someone was in trouble

Looks like Molokai

Diamond Head in the far distance

A closer view of Diamond Head. Do you see what I see? Actually my friend Gary pointed this out a while back. Diamond Head from this view looks like a lady sleeping with her head on the left. The first indent is the bottom of her chin then it slopes up creating her chest and tummy, then it tapers down.

 Not going there.

We went to the left about 10 steps forward and we got this beautiful view

All in all, it looked like a regular day since 99.5 percent were not wearing face masks. There were a lot of people. Derek, Lorraine, myself and maybe 3 other people did. When I was leaving, Christine from Denny's recognized me. She said they will be open in a couple of weeks which I believe is June 5. Christine is the best waitress, so I was happy to see her. Her friend's car was parking perpendicular to mine but not blocking, plus they were at their car.

It was really a beautiful day. I am glad we went!!! 

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