Sunday, May 24, 2020

Kualoa Reginal Park, 5/23/20

This blog will be in two parts. The first part are photos from my Canon camera. The second part are photos I made with my iPhone8 and I posted on Instagram and Facebook

Gary and I met Derek and Lorraine @8:30. 

The water was super clear.

In the second part, I will tell you more about this sea slug

I will also tell you more about this female seal, which Derek and Gary kept telling me "seal". Me, "huh?" Lorraine luckily was swimming nearby so she also got to see this adorable seal.

Second part: 

The life of a seal. This lady is waiting for the seal to turn over to see if she is the seal from Niihau. Apparently, they are "branded" or tagged depending on which island they are from. There were lots of large sand crabs, thankfully only this one was out of its tunnel. You can tell by the size of the openings with lard sand mounds. Oh boy, dessert from Waiahole Poi Factory - so yummy "Sweet Waiahole Lady" (warm kulolo topped with coconut ice cream).

Along here, we saw this sea slug. We sprinkled ocean water on it to see its reaction.

I wanted to include the video but it would not upload. Basically we sprinkled ocean water on it and it undulated.

We were fortunate the weather was really nice. Thanks Derek for asking if anyone wanted to join you and Lorraine.

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