Sunday, April 5, 2020

Canon 80D, 4/5/20

I ruined my Canon T5i when we went to Waimea Falls on March 15. I was not thinking, yup - I tried taking photos in the rain. I thankfully had another camera that day - the Canon T6 is not as good.

Long story short, Canon Service company here confirmed it would cost about $300.00 for parts and labor and no guarantee. However, they have a refurbished program. 

I got a Canon 80D and due to this "stay at home" because of COVID-19 virus pandemic, I was not excited to try the new camera. 

Well now, I am using it and I do like its features. I especially like the 45 focus point option. 

 As you can see, these are things I have at home. I used my 24-105 to have flexibility.

Stay safe and the best to everyone.


jag21330 said...

Pretty pictures. Making good use of your time.

celia said...

Thanks Gary, I am happy since I have to stay home that I can still make photos!!!