Sunday, March 15, 2020

Waimea Falls Valley Park, 3/15/20

It is the third Sunday, for us seniors it means $4.00 entry fee. Seniors are $8.00 however family Sunday means 1/2 off.

Despite the rain we encountered getting there, we still wanted to enjoy the park. As you can see in this first photo it was raining. I do regret trying to get this photo because my camera could not handle the rain and basically shut off. I did however have another camera with my macro lens and later used the 100-400 lens which I had removed from the first camera. The camera is now sitting in rice in a closed container to remove the moisture.

The rain made the stream look like the rapids.

Yay, the rain stopped.

Some photos using the 100-400 lens. I am very happy with the reach. Instead of getting a Canon lens, I got a Sigma lens.

Along the way back, we encountered rain and definitely wet roads. I should have videoed when we were going over rocks on the road and the gushing water from the mountain. Thankfully, Derek drove. I think the guys would have freaked out being passengers if I was the driver.

All in all, Derek, Milton S., Steve and I enjoyed our photo outing.

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