Friday, October 18, 2019

Pro Camera workshop, 10/12/19

Pro Camera had a workshop with speakers: Ken Hubbard from Tamaron  - he also brought lens for Canon and Nikon cameras to borrow as well as to purchase. Graham Clark from Breakthrough Photography using color ND filter and Graduated ND filters. A representative for BlackRapid camera straps. Tony for ProCamera Hawaii. Pictures Plus - "on location" photo contest (best: today's model, today's fashion and today's venue)

For me, I chose just 2 models:

Definitely happy, there was this eye candy

I borrowed a macro lens - it was already getting late, so I just stayed close to the area where I borrowed the lens

cropped of the above photo


jalna said...

I just checked out the promotion video. Looks like a great location. Can't believe it's in Waimanalo.

celia said...

Hi Jalna, can you send me the link to that video? Would like to see it. As for getting to Waimanalo, I used google maps and maps and both of them had me go past Moanalua Valley to H3 to get there. It was worth it.

jalna said...

Here it is:

celia said...

Thanks Jalna for the promotional video - I actually went not knowing - price was good. We saw lots of photographers that we don't know - good to see them and their geers.