Sunday, October 27, 2019

Hamakua Marsh Wildlife -Kailua and Hoomaluhia -Kaneohe, 10/27/19

Trying to catch birds in flight is truly difficult. Hense, I have only 2 after my duck photos.

This bird was across the way, my 70-200 was not able to get the reach. This is a very cropped photo.

This duck was cleaning itself, I waited patiently as I was hoping to photograph it flying away. Well that did not happen. It fell asleep. Yup, Derek  and Bob laughed.

By this time the guys also wanted to go, however, I got one more photo before leaving for Denny's

Hoomaluhia with Derek's filter a clear CD.

Many attempts for this damselfly.

Thanks again Derek for letting me borrow this cool filter.
It was nice to have mostly 3 of us. Our 4th person enjoyed the top part of Hoomaluhia.

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