Sunday, January 14, 2018

Foster Garden, 1/14/18

Foster Garden with the 6 of us (Derek, Milton S., Robert, Walter, Dewey).

Milton S. let me use his Fuji Macro 62 - a 80mm lens on my Fuji-X-T10. Thank you Milton, I wish I could afford that lens. 

Dewey let me use his Tamaron 10mm-24mm lens on my Canon T5i. Thanks Dewey for your tips. It really was amazing how much I could capture. I also saw the difference between where I stood how much was in focus.

My 70-200 lens on my Canon T5i camera.
I did take a bunch of butterfly photos - I am happy I got at least 3 good ones.

We then zipped over to Good Day for Dim Sum. Walter, I am sure I ate your share since you had to leave. Thanks again Derek. 


Anonymous said...

wow such high quality pixs, gorgeous even on my old laptop. Holy mackerel those lens are pricey!But if it satisfies the artistic soul, then it's more than worth it. -N

celia said...

Thank you N. I do process my photos with Lightroom but I still like Photoshop for levels. I have heard that the lens are more important than the camera body.

jalna said...

Looking at your photos makes me want to go on a photo excursion myself. It's been awhile. Maybe I'll drag Erick. Heard he has a new camera. LOL!

celia said...

Good idea - drag Erick!