Tuesday, January 3, 2017

North Shore, 1/3/17

Before going back to work on Friday, we (Derek, Milton, Dean, Curtis and I) did the North shore.

First stop...
Kualoa RegionalPark and China Man's Hat

Curtis and  I saw the beautiful light on the Ko`olau Mountains.

I then went to another spot and enjoyed this coral.

This collage was done using Instagram collage application.

Second stop...
La`ie Point

I chose to look at another area. The guys wondered where I went.

Third stop...
Shark's Cove

I worked hard to get a photo of this crab.

Fourth stop...
Haleiwa Park

Where are the turtles?

Jelly fish bubble

Got Margarita? We went to Cholos for lunch. I ordered a Cuban Mojito - lights out for me in the car ride back.  Thanks guys for making my Winter break fun (Zoo 12/23/16, Aquarium 12/26/16, and today)!!!


jalna said...

Great day!

celia said...

Yes, especially the beautiful light on the Ko`olaus. I look forward to more outings.

Erick said...

Cool around the island shots!

SW said...

Wow.. that's some photo adventure..you got great zoom of the koolau with your camera...and a great lunch too..

celia said...

Thanks Erick. I still remember going to Laie Point; it was both Shun Wah and my first time ever. What a cool piece of land with the opening.

Shun Wah, I was able to make photos of the Ko`olaus with my 24-105. It was an adventure we have done before but I decided to see other things which was like being a kid checking out things. Cholos has an ambience of fun.