Monday, January 16, 2017

Kea'iwa Heiau State Recreation Area, Aiea Heights Drive, 1/16/17

This is a spiritual area as I saw the ruins of a heiau, Hawaiian temple. According to Wikipedia, it says it was erected sometime in the 17th century. In 1956 a state park was created under the Territory of Hawaii. It is very well kept. 

I chose not to photograph the heiau. I chose to be artsy fartsy with the light.

I was pleasantly surprised when I raised my camera to the light and got this image.

Looks like this picnic table is an original using logs without modern machinery.

As we approached the hiking area, we saw a memorial plaque commemorating a World War II plane crash, May 5, 1944.

I also decided not to hike the Aiea Loop trail but took a few more photos.

Thanks Brian for spending my Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day with me.


jalna said...

Cool shots!!

celia said...

Thanks Jalna!!!! It was fun using my Fuji x-t10 2, able to get low and to hold the camera upward without getting tired.

SW said...

Very cool star burst pattern with the sunlight! Look like a very peaceful place.

celia said...

You are correct, it was peaceful and I did not expect that refraction. Maybe we can go there.