Monday, July 20, 2015

Big Island Adventures, 7/14-16/15

I really enjoy short trips, they are packed with activities. Our photo friends chose this week because of the new moon which would make the skies darker and easier to see the universe and hopefully be able to capture it from Volcano National Park.

Day 1 - Tuesday, 7/14/15...

7:15 am ready to leave the Hilo airport and off to Hawaiian Style Cafe.

Next: drop off our things at Walter's parents' home, Geroge's Meat Market, and bank. George's is known for thinly sliced beef jerky.

The guys that I traveled with were Milton S, Walter, and Curtis. James who lives on the Big Island joined us for breakfast until Village Burger. 

Akaka Falls...

 Coffee beans


I think this would be my go to view, to chill out.

After JJ's Meat Market and James' home, we enjoyed a delicious burger at the Parker Ranch Center in Waimea. Thanks James for this suggestion. It really helps to know where the locals go.

Lol, no photos of our trek back to Walter's parents' home via old/new Saddle Road. Thanks Curtis for driving/Walter for navigating. Saddle Road is a short cut: Waimea to Hilo - saw lots of very arid land. That was quite an experience.

Our place to rest our weary bodies - the accommodations were very nice. Yes, I had my own room.

Dinner was at Thai, Thai Restaurant. Oishi (delicious)

As tired as we were, we went to Volcano House to check the skies. Prior to this trip the weather forecast was really dismal - so we had to take our chance. Since we really did not have our photo gears, we made the best of what we had. I was able to prop my camera on a slanted horizontal placard. Woo hoo, I got the Milky Way, on the right side there is a meteor descending. I was so stoked to see a shooting star.

Day 2 - Wednesday, 7/15/15...

I missed my chance of photographing 6 Nene's in flight. Walter heard them honk as they flew by - all of us were not prepared. Lol, wish they gave us more warning.

6:30 breakfast -  Lol, I got extra crispy bacon done right. A group of Hawaiian Immersion high schoolers were also staying at Kiluaea Military Camp. 

Volcano National Park:
Watched a movie- Reflections on Kilauea

Volunter guide Larry Branch was very informative as we went through this area.

Interesting how a tree produces this very soft brown stuff.

Kilauea Caldera with Halema`uma`u Crater. 

The loop...
I think there were at least 20 native plants  - I took a photo of each sign which included a photo and a brief description.

Yes, the guys said stand under that arch, we are sure you will fit. Hmm? a 5 foot arch? 

Another funny incident, Walter said let us see the Tree Mold. I actually said, "I don't want to see tree mold." I thought mold meant moss/mold; I did not know it meant that when the lava flowed it surrounded trees and when it cooled, it left a space between the tree like a well because of the height of the lava flow.  There is a metal fence around these tree molds to prevent someone from falling in - the base is where the ground was.

Okay, now we are really going to have fun. Thanks Milton. I did post on Instagram/Facebook...
So many happy memories including this one. The 4 of us enjoyed wine tasting along with smoke salmon dill cream cheese/crackers. I am going home with a bottle of Hawaiian Guava-Grape

Due to being a little smashed the next 2 brief stops were fuzzy - kind of don't remember. I think one was Kilauea Iki lookout.

Petroglyphs. It was worth the 0.7 miles hike along lava terrain. Not sure when the petroglyphs were done but definitely after this area had hardened. There is a boardwalk perimeter to identify where they were. Lots were carved out holes, others looked like a story was being told.

Dinner at Volcano's Lava Rock Cafe.

One more stop before calling it a night. This time we got our camera gears. This view is from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Jaggar Museum. We were unable to photograph the stars because of clouds. We did make photos of the Halema`uma`u crater that you saw earlier emiting smoke. At night, it looks like a caldron of red hot steam.

Day 3 - Thursday, 7/16/15...

Each of us had inside jokes/memories. Milton's is the bird whisper. He just stands and birds come to him. He is looking at a female Khalij pheasant on the wooden table which does walk up to him as the male had done earlier and is now to the side of him

Steam vents along crater road.

Although It is hard to see - there are shiny glass filaments which legend goes it is Pele's hair.

This is the Ohelo berry which is able to grow in this terrain. Walter brought back for us some Ohelo Berry Jam - from the Kitchen of Bea Nakanishi. This jam with Mt. View Stone Cookies - I am in 7th heaven.

Atsuka know us - got to take some photos.

Lunch at Hilo - Nori's Saimin and Snacks.  Definitely on our wish list. Yup - no more photos. Kind of pooped.

We all had a fantastic trip. Thanks to Walter and James who know and lived on the Big Island - we were not the common tourist - we saw more. What a trip packed with activities!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing with so many great photos. I've been to the BI, but we drove through and didn't stop much so I never got to see all that you shared. It is so beautiful and rugged. Glad to hear you had a great time!

curtis said...

Thank you for being a part of our photo adventure. Loved all your input and viewpoints as we ventured on our treks. Glad the weather was in our favor.

celia said...

Thanks Anonymous, I am glad I got to share places you had not seen.

Curtis, I am so glad the weather was in our favor. We certainly would not have been able to do and see what we did. We were so fortunate, as Walter shared it rained cows and moose the night we left and continued raining. I am glad you enjoyed my inputs and viewpoints - it was fun.

jalna said...

Very, very awesome adventure with great photos!!!!

Jon said...

What an awesome trip! You all definitely made the most of your time. The waterfall picture with the rainbow at the bottom is beautiful! I can picture that in a travel guide! Great shots!

celia said...

Thanks Jalna - I still have wonderful memories via this blog.

Jon, it certainly was an awesome trip. I was lucky to get the rainbow - I did go back and the lighting changed - no rainbow. Yay, I am glad you enjoyed the photos.

SW said...

OMG! you got the milky way! so Jellos! you have to show me your settings. It look like a fantastic trip. You sure did lots for just two days! Thanks for sharing your photo adventure.

celia said...

Shun Wah, I am still stoked that I got the Milky Way!!! Volcano House on a clear night is a great place to be. Thanks, I am glad I can share my fantastic trip