Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Jon and Casey, 5/1/15 (5/25/15 edited: invite and their entrance were added)

I had a wonderful trip to San Francisco to attend Jon's wedding. The couple had 4 events planned.

*First, a home cooked delicious Indian dinner for rehearsal night, Thursday, 4/30/15

*Second, a lovely magical wedding at the National AIDS Memorial Grove in the Golden Gate Park, Friday, 5/1/15

I was privy to this invite as I saw first hand Casey drawing the poppies and Jon drawing the dragons. I am guessing the circular designs were done by Jon.  I love seeing their creativity.

Signs were put at the entrances to this Fern Grotto.  These are 3 of the 6.

It was a very special wedding as 22 of us were invited to attend.

Alexandra's, officiate, expression was priceless. I believe after the exchanging of rings, Casey's happiness was contagious.

Sorry no parent photos.

This fun photo still has me laughing.

*Third, a special dinner at The cookhouse, Friday, 5/1/15
Great smile, Dennis- Jon's dad.

The cookhouse is a venue you can rent, have a party of no more than 24 with your own cooks, decorate as you please. They advertise as a place to have a dinner without cleaning your place for your guests. 

Voila!!! Mrs. Casey Newlin and Mr. Jon Ching

An elegant dinner prepared by Chef Dave Vogler

*Fourth, a Partyyyy, Saturday, 5/2/15

Guests at the party were able to view the wedding photos. Mick Leonaradi - you are an awesome photographer!!!

Casey and her dad, "In My Life"

Blogger allows 100MB so you will see their dance in 2 parts.

Casey and Jon, "Uptown Funk"

A total surprise, they planned their wedding the way they envisioned it. They were happy that both moms did not interfere. As you saw in an above photo, a person is setting up the dim sum (Chinese small bite-sized food) station.

Crowd surfing, I got these from FB.

Mick, you are an awesome photographer, thanks also for allowing me to photograph you!!!

Disclosure: it was difficult to choose which photos to include. There were so many happy memories.

Sorry, just 2 more. The day after the wedding and after our lunch, I wanted a close up of the black Sapphire rings they designed for each other.


Anonymous said...

Wow the flowers are so beautiful and the food looks delish. San Fran seems to have a lot more options on having a wedding vs. mostly hotel ballrooms here. Lovely photos, thanx for sharing! -N

celia said...

Thank you N. By the way, were you able to see the videos? I worked hard to comply with the size of the clips. I can view them on my computer- but I have no luck with the Samsung tablet and iPhone5.

Whoever knows please leave me a message. The first 2 are MP4, the 3rd one is a mov

jalna said...

Congrats, Celia! Great photos! And I can view all 3 video clips on my Mac just fine.

celia said...

Yay Jalna. I really wanted to share those clips. Thanks for your congratulations and liking the photos. Only the first, the one with the lions/banners and the obvious were from FB.

SW said...

very cool pics...what a unique and special way to celebrate their happiest day and the beginning of their happy adventure. Great memories of a lifetime.. Thanks for sharing their special day with us..

celia said...

I agree SW, it really was special - their wedding. They also are able to work together. I am glad I could share my happiness!!!

Les said...

what a fun wedding weekend and such a cute venue!! Great pics!

celia said...

Thanks Les. Casey and Jon really entertained us. I am glad we blog - I can come back to this post and relive those times.

Jon said...

Thanks for the post mom! Great job capturing and documenting the long weekend. Casey and I couldn't be happier and we still can't believe how amazing everything was.

celia said...

Jon and Casey - you are such a lovely couple with many friends that love you. Every event was so well planned and I know everyone enjoyed themselves!!!

Erick said...

Nice wedding! I like the cookhouse that is a great idea. Very nice wedding and reception shots!

celia said...

Thanks Erick, I am so happy to use this blog to capture those beautiful memories!!! Thanks to Casey and Jon for creating such an enjoyable time.