Monday, August 13, 2012

Fire Dancers at Kakaako Park, 8/9/12

Wow, what a fun evening it was as members of Hawaii Photographic Society enjoyed an evening of watching fire dancers. This is possible on Thursday evenings.

At first I was disappointed that my tripod was not working. So Shun Wah suggested we get creative and I left happy that my tripod did not work. Thanks again, Shun Wah. As you can see, I actually moved my camera.

 What is that? A led hula hoop.
 What is the other thing on the right? It was led lights dangling from a rope and swung in the air.
Lots of experimenting with shutter speed and ISO.


Playarazzi Andy said...

Fun, thank you for sharing colorful photos of my friends at the park!

jalna said...

Veeeery cool effects!

celia said...

Andy, your friends were having a grand time.

Jalna, thank you very much - I am so glad Shun Wah made the suggestion.

SW said...

That's sooo cool!! Great effects. We were both at the same place and you got so many different effects. What's fun is that these shots can't be repeated.

Erick said...

Very creative and very cool! Nice job. Who needs a tripod?

celia said...

Shun Wah, it was so much fun. It is cool to see what others get at a photo shoot.

EV, thanks - hee hee, who needs a tripod?