Sunday, June 24, 2012

Shonto Trading Post and Antelope Canyon, 6/17 & 18/12

We are now in Page, Arizona to see Monument Valley which is part of the Navajo Indian Resevation.

As we left Page, AZ we came across The Glen Canyon Dam located on the Colorado River .

Lake Powell
Colorado River
Realizing that Monument Valley was actually further than we wanted to go - we stopped here...
It was so fun to learn about this dwelling called a Hogan.

Older style Hogan:
I could not get over the terrain, ever so often we would come across these very interesting mounds.  This was like a geology trip. There were so many different mounds.

The next day we went to...
Antelope, huh?  Apparently there were antelopes that roamed this area and the Navajo Indians discovered this canyon. This area is the northern part of Antelope Canyon which does not require hiking and is a photographer's dream. There are actually 2 kinds of tours. You know which one we signed up for.

These light beams come through around 10:30 - 12:30.  Our guide was very helpful and assisted me with a rented tripod.  And although, it was cumbersome to use the tripod - all the guides who understand photography said - you won't have regrets. All the guides are Navajo Indians.

This was a long day as we now had to drive back to Las Vegas. We visited Ceasar's Palace - what an elaborate place.
 At the Trevi Restaurant - too funny, the ceiling looks like day all the time.
 A sweet treat to end this part of my vacation.


SW said...

wow.. you can really feel the height in the lake powell shot..great angle!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the canyon shots..Beautiful.. I'm so jellos now!!!

jalna said...

OMG Celia . . . absolutely beautiful! I'm like Shun Wah . . . soooo jellos too!!!

celia said...

I had seen pictures of Antelope Canyon and as you can see it was far beyond my expectations!

Les said...

These are awesome! Now I know where I wanna go for my next vacation! Great job!!

celia said...

Leslie, these Antelope Canyon pictures are from the Northern part - no hiking. We stayed at Page, Arizona.

kthklassics said...

Thanks for sharing. Very IMPRESSIVE! Looks like you had a fabulous experiece.